Data Analytics Services

magnifying glassThe Data Analytics Services (DAS) are being offered free to agencies to help reduce fraud, errors and payments being made to ineligible recipients.

Payment File Analysis

Payment files will be analyzed for irregularities within the payment file itself.

Sample Analysis Rules

  • Same unique identifier (e.g., TIN, SSN, EIN, DUNs) and different names
  • Payee lacking a unique identifier but has same name and address as an individual in TOP Debt Check, LEIE,EPLS, affirmative proceedings data
  • Duplicates (e.g., same payee, same agency, same amount, same date)
  • Different payee, same account, same bank routing and account number
  • Other analysis performed at the request of the agency (e.g., payments made outside of the U.S. or to payees who are under 21)

Data Source Matching

Payment files will be matched against available data sources utilizing unique identifiers (e.g., SSN TIN, EIN, DUNs) if available. If a unique identifier is not available, fuzzy matching will be completed (e.g., name and address match).

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