Do Not Pay Portal

portal userAccess to the portal is free to agencies as a one-stop shop for your data needs. You can select the best searching methods to incorporate into your procedures.


Single Online Search

One single entry can be searched and matching records will be returned. Currently, you can search on TIN, SSN, Business or Individual Name.

Batch Matching

The agency sends in large files before or after payments are made and Do Not Pay matches the files to data sources available and returns the results to you via the online portal.

Continuous Monitoring

The agency sends in large files and Do Not Pay stores the file within the portal and provides you with notifications when matches are found against currently available data sources.


Do Not Pay will match agency payments that are being disbursed by Treasury using the Payment Application Modernization (PAM) system files. Do Not Pay will return the results to you by the online portal. You’ll need to review the matches to determine if any represent "improper payments" and report that information to Treasury through a monthly adjudication report. Although the monthly adjudication report is an IPERIA requirement for Executive level agencies, this functionality is available to all Portal users.